Sunday, July 7, 2013

How to Plant a Strawberry Patch: Designing and building my first Garden: Part 2

How to Plant Strawberries

This video shows my strawberry gardening and planting experience while I explain what I learned about growing and planting strawberries

Starting Fresh: Summer Gardening

The land has been cleared. Now it is time to plant fruits and vegetables in the garden. The first eatable plant I planted was strawberries. Strawberry plants will start producing fruit quickly and the fruit is extremely healthy. I've always been aware of how important it is to eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. Lately natural non processed food is all I want to eat. Yet, I may be going over board, but non organic produce kind of scares me. My organic strawberry habit is getting expensive, so you have no idea what excitement the idea of home grown organic strawberries gives me.

This is the first video in my Summer Gardening Series:

Watch as I weed my garden and mix lot of Organic compost into the soil, so the soil is nutrient rich and fluffy.

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