Saturday, May 11, 2013

Starting a Garden for the First Time?

How to Start a Summer Garden

Part One: Clearing the Land

Organic Gardening Video Series

Hello! You have found this post because you are interested in starting a garden. I want to start by saying gardening is a very rewarding hobby. Growing your own food is so satisfying. Starting a project and working through it will add another dimension to your life. It can also give you the confidence to tackle other projects you have been dreaming about doing. Starting from scratch is sometimes the most fun. Whether you have grown your own vegetables in the past or this is your first time. I want to help encourage you to get out in the garden and start working. It can be a scary task and easy to put off, but once you dive in, you will feel so much better. Plus, remember, we are in this together. So that means post video responses of where you are in the process. I would love see other peoples gardening space and watch them develop.

Step One: Clear a plot of land

In this video I show my techniques for clearing a plot of land. At first clearing out weeds and shrubs from your garden may seem tedious, but take it slow, area by area, and before you know it you will have a clear piece of land.

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