Sunday, August 12, 2012

Organic Aphids Control, Treatment, and Removal

Aphids have attached my garden. The once sprawling foliage of the watermelon, melon, and squash plants are shriveling up. On the underside of the leaves are tons of small greenish, white, and brown specks. Each speck literally sucking the life out of the plant. Treating an Aphid infestation is three prong. First get rid of the aphids by spraying plants with insecticidal soap or water dish soap mix (I prefer Dr. Bronner's). Secondly increase the health of your plants by putting compost at the base of the plants and foliage feed with fish emulsion and or compost tea. Lastly, prevent the aphids from reappearing by spraying with marigold tea and planting companion plants that repel aphids such as marigolds, rosemary, and oregano in the garden.

This is a video showing how to make Marigold Tea to repel aphids from a garden

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