Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nitrogen Deficent Zucchini: Progress after Treatment

So my Zucchini Plant is Suffering from Nitrogen Deficiency

I've concluded my container zucchini plant is not getting enough nitrogen in it's diet because it's leaves and fruit are yellow. To treat the plant organically I am giving it bat guano. Watch as I experiment for the first time with treating a plant that does not have enough nitrogen.

The diet:
1 tablespoon bat guano mixed with 1/4 gallon water (I used a Gatorade bottle)

Day 1

Day 2
Day 3

***After day three I decided to put it in a larger part. Based on square foot gardening a zucchini needs a 3x3 foot space. A one gallon pot is not big enough to grow a healthy zucchini plant. Once the zucchini plant was planted in a 5 gallon bucket it perked up and started growing it's first healthy zucchini, pictured below. It must be noted that when the zucchini plant was moved to a bigger pot, it also got a fresh dose of vitamins and minerals from the soil manure mix.

Case Solved!

To recap: If your container zucchini plant does not look healthy

1. The container may not be big enough
2. It may have drained it's soil of it's nutrients and needs more


  1. Thanks fir the tip, I am getting yellow leaves, although my zuc's are in rows. I'll try extra N in the next watering. What is with the bizarre comments? Spam I assume but what a weird string of uncohesive sentences.

  2. What did you choose to fertilize with?

  3. what is bat guano? never heard of

  4. Bat guano is bat poo. You can buy it at the gardening store.


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