Saturday, September 6, 2014

A dragonfly in my Garden: Friend or Foe?

I found this little guy in my garden and he made me wonder: Are dragonflies good for a garden or are they a pest.

The verdict is in, dragonflies are very beneficial to gardens. They fead on mosquitoes, aphids, and other garden pests.

and now... here are some dragonfly pictures of a dragonfly in my Garden. In these pictures I was playing around with a very low aperture to create a really shallow depth of field.

DIY: Easy and Inexpensively a Drip Irrigation System

Gone are the days of killing plants because you forgot to water them. Below is a fun and easy weekend how to DIY project: a home irrigation system.


-water source
-hose/sprinkler timer
-1/2 in. poly tubing
-connector to connect tubing to timer
-cleanable drip heads 4 gallon/hr (number of drip heads depend on the number of plants and amount of water needed)

Step 1:

Connect the timer to the water source and the tubing to the timer.

Step 2:

Lay out the 1/2 in. tubing where you would like to water.

Step 3:

Use a puncher which punches a clean hole in the poly tubing so you can insert the drip head. With a little force push the drip head into the tubing.

Step 4:

Set the timer for the amount of water the particular plants you are watering need. I started seeds in this lineup. At first I gave them an hours worth of water a day per plant. I realized that was way to much water for the seeds. I then reduced it to 2 minutes four times a day.

This method works flawlessly if it doesn't you fucked it up. Feel free to comment below if what you are using your irrigation system to grow.

Happy Gardening!

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