Friday, July 13, 2012

Growing your Own Food: How to Start a Container Garden

Good News: Starting a Container Garden is Easy! Maintaining a container garden is another story. When a plant lives in a container, it's only source of nutrients comes from the soil in the container. It may quickly drain the soil of it's valuable nutrients. You need to find an organic fertilizer that you can replenish the soil with routinely.

Container gardens are perfect for people who live in urban environments, have limited space, or do not have access to fertile land. Listed are the steps involved in starting a container garden:

1. Plan what you are going to Plant

Different plants have different space requirements. Some plants do really well in containers, while others need the freedom and openness the ground provides

2. Find the Containers that fit your needs

3. Buy Starter Plants or Sow Seeds indoor

Depending on when you are starting your garden. You may need to buy starter plants if you decided to start a garden to late into the season. Buying starters is a little more expensive then starting your own seeds, but you do not have to worry about killing the plant at it's most vulnerable time. If you have plenty of time or want to start seeds for the next season, sow indoors. Sowing your own seeds is beneficial because it is cost effective and you get to watch the seeds from birth. They are very fragile at this stage, so they need constant care.

4. Soil Composition

There are so many soils to choose from. The most important thing is that the soil is light and airy, so the water drains properly. If the soil is to thick the roots will suffer from root rot. I use a soil manure mixture which seems to nourishes the plant up until it starts budding. Then I start giving the plants fish emulsion to add nutrient into the depleted soil.

5. Plant, Water, and Grow

Once the plants are in their pots your job is to water them. Also watch for discoloration and insects. You will need to proactively take care of diseases and pests as they occur.

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