Sunday, June 24, 2012

Breaking out of the Plastic Container: Creative and Unique Garden Planters

I usually write about vegetable gardens, but these unique and creative planters are just to romantic not to share. Each one feels like it belongs in my secret garden. Some of these ideas for planters could be fun diy projects, others are a little more dreamy. I do not suggest planting anything you will be eating in these alternatives to normal flower beds. Use only non-chemically treated materials to house your healthy vegetable plants.

My favorite part about these planter boxes is the idea of repurposing instead of throwing away. These products once had a monetary value and took from the earth's resources to produce, so they should be reused instead of discarded. The more you can reuse resources already available to you, the less money you will have to spend. You will save more money to do the things you really want to do, like travel the world. Stop feeding into viscous consumerism. Find value in yourself and your creative spirit as appose to useless consumer goods.

Old Bird House turned into a Flower Bed

Mossy plant covered VW Bug

Antique free standing bathtub turned into a coffee table planter box

Old windows used to build a hanging house flower bed

Log from a dead tree hollowed out for flowers to grow

You can plant herbs or shallow rooting veggies in this. The composing wood will help infuse carbon into the soil.

Toy truck turned cactus garden

Unwanted windows used to build a beautifully dreamy green house

Cupcake tray used to grow starts and plants

Suitcase turned flower bed

People are doing amazing things with pallets. One example: Pallet Gardens

Chair meant not to be sat in. Cactus bed made out of old wood chair

Canoe garden with trellis for vertical gardening

Guitar turned planter box

Piano overgrown with beautiful flowers and plants

Flowers in an antique baby stroller

Lockers being used to house and protect plants instead of products

You can use concrete cinder blocks as planters creating funky geometric landscape architecture

*Pictures from Pinterest


  1. I like the old muffin tin idea. I would plant herbs because they don't need very much rooting room.

  2. Those are some coolest ideas! Thank you for the share!

  3. Great and creative ideas. I have been collecting bird cages for three seasons and use them regularly to keep the deer away from my crops, especially when they are very young. I also think it is much prettier than the wire supports sold in garden stores. Some of my bird cages are square. I take off the plastic bottom (I save that to hold my seedling cups so when I water it doesn't leak onto anything important), then I take the top off too. That allows me to use the cage as a support cage. I then use the tops by zip tying them together and make other support. What is really fun, is then when tomatoes start ripening up and are at the bottom of the plant, I can open the bird cage door and pick the fruit. It is really an incredible way to use old bird cages.


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